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I had the pleasure of knowing Adam and working with him during his tenure at BBDO/NY.  Adam was a gifted copywriter and creative director, and an intelligent and innovative part of our agency. I remember him most for his work on FedEx and  his efforts to have a line item for "Foosball" incorporated into agency time sheets.  

 -- Andrew Robertson, President and CEO,  BBDO Worldwide

Adam was one of my first friends in advertising and more than 20 years later, he's still one of my favorite people in the business.  I have always enjoyed his wit, his intelligence, and his keen judgment. From the days when I used to seek out his opinions and ideas on work, to reconnecting with him recently, I have always considered him a brilliant creative and an all around great guy. 

--David Angelo, Chief Creative Officer, David & Goliath

As a creative director and aspiring director myself, Adam has been an amazing friend and resource for me. While other directors I have worked with have been judgmental or dismissive of my directing ambitions, Adam was immediately encouraging and supportive.  Among the many things he shared with me was a piece of advice that I recall every time I step on set:  He told me that the job of the director is not to know all of the answers, it's to make all of the decisions.  That pearl of wisdom gave me the confidence and insight to make a leap I had been hesitant to make, and for that, especially, I will always be grateful.   I consider him a mentor and a friend, as I believe anybody who is fortunate enough to work with him would.  

-- Carter Pagel, Director, Moon Pie Media & Creative Director, Sanders Wingo Advertising

Adam Goldstein is one of the most talented. prolific, and enthusiastic creatives I have ever known.  He was a vital part of the creative department when I was Global Creative Director at Ammirati & Puris.  No matter how short the timeline or how absurd the request, I counted on Adam for humor, insight, and creative leadership, and he never let me down.  I thought of him then as a mensch and a friend, and I still do. 

-- Helayne Spivak, Director, VCU AdCenter

I dropped my laundry off at 8:00 on my way to work with my bag labelled according to the instructions posted on the web site.  I requested wash & fold for the next day, which is what they GUARANTEE if you droip off before 9:00 am in the morning.  Since 8 am is A WHOLE HOUR BEFORE 9 am, I expected my laundry back by 5 like THEY SAY ON THEIR WEBSITE.  What a load of crap. Not only was my laundry NOT ready, they refused to pay for my lost clothing which was totally their fault.  NOT recommended. Unless you want to lose your underwear and spend an afternoon arguing with idiots.  These people SUCK.

-- John Cocktoasten, Los Angeles

I met Adam when I was an intern at BBDO/NY and he was a CD. He encouraged me and believed in me from the very beginning.  His support was instrumental in turning my internship into a full time job, and my full time job into a career. He was the best boss I ever had, and he wasn't even technically my boss. 

-- Alec Brownstein, Creative Director, Dollar Shave Club

Adam's OK, I guess. If you're the kind of person who likes to have funny, interesting, nice people around you.  I'm not, so I don't see the appeal of a guy who is a great filmmaker, a wonderful writer and strategic thinker, and just incredibly intelligent in general. Yeah, yeah yeah, he reads everything, he writes, he knows about art and photography and politics.  WE ALL KNOW he lived in Paris for a year, and we also all know who he mooched off when he was backpacking and ran out of money in Florence.  So what if he can be hilarious in 120 pages or 120 characters?  That just doesn't really count for much with me. I know a lot of people love the guy, but I really can't speak to anybody else's standards.  Sure, he was the best man at my wedding 22 years ago and he's still one of my best friends but that doesn't mean I'm just going to automatically give him 5-stars. It takes a lot to earn a star from me.  And someone has quite a few beers left to buy if he thinks he's going to get 3 stars, let alone 5.  

- Kevin McKeon, Chief Creative Officer Olson/Minneapolis

Adam has always been a great storyteller. Today, with the competition for attention greater than ever, Adam's talent is even more valuable. It doesn't hurt that he's also one of the good guys.

-- Nancy Hill, President and CEO, American Association of Advertising Agencies

Andrew Thau

Chief Operating Officer

United Talent, Beverly Hills

Kathy Delaney

Global Chief Creative Officer

Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

Ted Sann

Former Chief Creative Officer

BBDO Worldwide & New York

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