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Creative director/copywriter? commercial director with 20+ years experience doing stand out work across all media.  

I'm kind of a creative cannonball. I take a running start. I leap in.  And I make an impact. 
I am forever in search of ways to enhance, expand, and improve things.  It annoys my friends, but it delights my clients. 
I see potential. I see opportunity. And I bring the energy, enthusiasm, and ingenuity to deliver.   

I develop business, marketing, and brand strategies. And then execute them. 
I can take a creative project from brief to broadcast.  
I have created content for everything from iPhone to IMAX.  
I have presented to CEOS, and pitched to studios. I have also directed 3 year olds.
(Which is actually not that different, except the naps are more frequent.)
I have run agencies, and I have run sets.
I prepare relentlessly, but I am spontaneous, improvisational, and quick.
I have worked with celebrities from John Cleese to Digger Phelps to Pele to Spinal Tap. From Cindy Crawford, to Elle MacPherson and many more.  And I have worked with homeless people.
I’m deeply collaborative, but I can get the job done on my own if necessary.
I’ve done big budget. I’ve done microbudget. I’ve done zero budget. 
I've worked without pay for causes and ideas I’m drawn to. 

I love what I do. And I do a lot.  



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